5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website

1) Website speed: The first and universal impression of your website is speed. If your website speed is under 3 second, you will get ranking in google search result that one step further. Slow website never get ranking and It doesn’t reflect good impression to your audience and traffic.

2) Website SEO optimization: Although if you don’t need ranking in google but it’s a Easy way to get ranked for get organic traffic. If you want to do business in online then you have create contents which will be visible on your website but If you optimize the content by SEO then you can also get ranking in google which would be more profitable for you.

3) Lead Capture form: We all create websites for capture audience attention and leads for sell our service but We don’t optimize or put a lead capture form in a right place of the website. You may know about your customers but you need your customer information in a list. Create a free offer or service and get their leads capturing by form in a landing page or popup form.

4) Facebook Pixel setup: Facebook ads is near about first paid marketing. When you will grow your business you might run ads in Facebook but If you have no Facebook pixel setup in your website then you will burn your money in Facebook. Cause your target is capture your Facebook ads visitors then pixel always track those visitors in various method. You can target a specific customers by Facebook pixels.

5) Website images: Now If you have no good quality image then use stock photos at least. Just for say, If you are looking at house to buy so you will look first the house colors and furniture’s quality. If the color and furniture’s is not looking then I don’t think you will like the house. So website images always should high quality and attractive. at least hire someone who can find out for you.

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