Keyword research-How to research your keyword?

Keyword research–A word that can describes the content on your page. If you want to rank your website on Google, your first step is to search your keyword. Follow keyword research strategies for finding out suitable keywords for your blog. This is the place you will know better about the keyword research and strategies with keyword planner.

There are over 8’billion keyword ideas, long-tails, phrase matches, related words, etc. Keyword direct impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

What is Keyword?

A keyword is a word that we search on a search engine or we can say it is the process of show words that people use for search engines for those terms and ranking for those terms in search engines. The keyword acts as a key to your search intent of targeted audience. keyword define of your content what about it is.

Keyword research is a manner search engine optimization (SEO) experts use to find and research conventional search terms that people enter for search while looking for a similar subject.

Why Keyword Research is Important?

Before starting a blog, you need to decide your niche. After deciding your niche, you should find out the keyword of your niche and must check the competition of your keyword. Keyword research is important for your website. Proper keyword research can help to rank-high your website. Don’t focus on a high-rank keyword.

Otherwise, you can’t rank your website through your targeted keyword. This reason you can’t reach to your target audience and also Google Search Engine doesn’t rank you higher position. Experts focus on their keywords because google says that perfect keyword can easily rank=high your website.

Build Keyword Research Strategy

When you think about the keyword research, you have to careful about this. You can find where competitions is weak and search volume is high can definitely progress your rank on Google. Some things will come to your mind,

1.Search volume: It will show you the number of monthly searches for your given keyword. That means you can know the number that people search for your targeted keyword.

2.Search trends: It will show you which month of the year you have a higher search volume.

3.Location: It indicates, in which location would you like to research your keywords? suppose, if you want to target the Bangladesh market, set the location Bangladesh then you will find Bangladesh’s relative keyword. Also if you want to do your work in the United States and set your location, you will see the search volume and search trends of your set location.

4.CPC(Cost Per Click): CPC is the amount you pay for each click in your PPC(Pay-Per-Click) marketing campaign. If you want to advertise your targeted keyword on Google, some tools will show you how much you have to pay for per click. The average CPC across all industries is about $2 but it varies widely by business type. A low cost per click is key to PPC success.

Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Here I am going to use this “Ubersuggest” tool for research the keyword You can use Google Adwords, Keyword tool. I personally like Ubersuggest tool. Let’s shortly introduce the Ubersuggest tool.

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool and Ubersuggest was recently attained by entrepreneur Neil Patel. The best part is it’s free for all users.

You can see the search volume of the keyword “Facebook marketing” is 6,600 that’s very good volume but keywords with over 1000 search volumes can be taken. But it varies a lot between different industries.
SEO difficulty and paid difficulty are calculated from 1 to 100. Range 50 to 100 is more competitive but here SEO difficulty is 31 that means medium competitive. But the paid difficulty is highly competitive.
Another interesting part of this Ubersuggest, it will tell you how many backlinks you need for your keyword and gives you the average ranking site’s Domain Score.
In this image, you can see the graph of search trends. It will show you the months of high search volume. There was no search volume from April to October but the average search volume was from November to March.
The average CPC across all industries is about $2 but it varies widely by business type. A low cost per click is key to PPC success. With a CPC of $10.03, this term has a high commercial purpose.
Ubersuggest also suggests some related keyword ideas that can be also helpful to you. These keywords have different CPC, PD, SD.

Confidence to Pick The Best Keywords for SEO

If you confused about your keyword that means your keyword research have some absence or mistake. always careful to pick your keyword for a content. Honestly, Keyword express the quality of your content. You need to follow some tips to pick the best keyword.

Avoid broad keywords: you should avoid broad keyword and general keyword. Your keyword must be a specific word.

Analyze keyword volume: make sure your words that you want to rank for are actually getting searched

Fresh Way You Get Pro Ideas for Your Keyword

A high volume keyword has many competitors or difficulty on SEO. For the reason of difficulty some time you don’t get the desired keyword for your content. By following this manner you can get some tips to get your keyword easily,

Wikipedia table of contents helps for keyword: When you are looking to know deeply something, directly go on Wikipedia. But you don’t know how much it helps you to find a keyword.

The content section is a good keyword resource. This section list out the subtopics. If you want something that is related to your niche, Wikipedia’s next valuable source of information comes in under a content.
Wikipedia-tables-of-content (1)

You can use these whatever you want. These contents can be used as a keyword or you can use it as a specific topic.

Wikipedia-tables-of-content (2)
Select the content that is related to your keyword. Here “strategy” is related to “digital marketing”. When I go down to the strategy section, I see some additional keywords. I have highlighted these keywords in the section below.
What I have highlighted may not be a related keyword list but it can broaden your keyword ideas.

Search on google that related to your keywords: Already you know that tools can help to find out the best keyword but you don’t know that Google has made our job easier.

Google suggests a keyword that lots of people are searching for it. When we search for keywords on Google, we can see a list of related keywords suggestions for you,

Scroll to the bottom of the page, You’ll find a list of keywords that are closely related to your search keywords.

YouTube can suggest finding keywords: YouTube suggests a different type of keyword, that can be helpful if you confused about your keyword. You can find keyword suggestions on YouTube.

YouTube provides a list of long-tail keyword for your SEO,


Google and YouTube have given you many suggestions but the question is- Which keyword do you take?

Answer: YouTube and Google show you the keywords that people search on search engines. Pick any of the keywords and searches the keyword in Ubersuggest or any other keyword searching tool, you can find the ultimate result.

So this is all about keyword research. I hope You will like this information.

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