Marketing Without Budget-best ways in 2020

Specifically, Marketing is the process of getting new customers and it is really difficult for establishing a business. It is essential that a new small business marketing without a budget that can find some result that works.

In my opinion, you first try putting your effort into every single low budget. Try some creative thoughts, compelling and fun ways to bring in business without spending a lot of money and time.

1. Serve Free Product to Get Known Your Brand

For marketing, make free trials for customers or make a low budget on certain products. It can help the customer to know better your product. After publishing your product like this, you can ask your friends in the industry to tell you about your product’s pros and cons and why they chose your product over the competition.
Social media can help you most with, what your customers need and what kind of products they want. There you will see many positive and negative reviews but don’t look for only positive reviews and be happy just for that moment. By negative reviews you can find out actually where you are on the wrong side then you can know about their wants and also you can get closer to the customer by solving those mistakes.
  • Many companies charge highly for their services where they hire people to leave positive reviews but in this case, you can trust smaller companies, because they have not yet been known to get a high-quality budget. But keep in mind, you may end up in a crap situation for a small cost.

  • You can go on-field to check out about your product’s true review, and for that, you can hang out at a co-working space and ask them around what they think about your service, focus on if you can get some real honest feedback on the services people are using.

  • You must keep in mind about cognitive dissonance. Sometimes there are some people who already have purchased the product or services but they may don’t want to express their thought. In this case, their decision is not beneficial nor appropriated.
To save face, they will argue in favor of the product or service they purchased. To overcome that, you can ask them to share their professional recommendation to use in your research.

2. Attend Conference for Marketing Without Budget

  • Meet new people on social networks. Make sure your business card is in every influencer’s cardholder, be on every specialist’s LinkedIn list, on Facebook, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, wherever clicking “Attend” involves, on every single event that interests you.
  • Before attending a conference, read the bios of the speakers. Thank them for their presentation before asking the presenters questions. Presenters have taken the time to put together a presentation, map its content nicely, and cover topics, and so on. A little kindness will go a long way.
  • Ask the presenters whether and why the tip they presented is better than other trusted techniques. Present your thoughts politely, don’t put the speaker under the spotlight. If their answer doesn’t match with you simply thank them and take your seat because this is not a battling ground or a chance to prove that you are better than others.
  • Follow hashtags of famous brands that attend the same event as you. Be confident to mention/tag them on social media. Say something which will be memorable to them but don’t say something for the sake of just making a conversation. If you don’t know better about what the group stands for, it’s best to listen in silence.

3.Crush Your Marketing Goals by Start Blogging

Blogging is a great way for marketing that holds on to all information and tips. Consistency, continuous self-growth or professional these qualities can help you to start a blog.Consistency means grown-up quality that we need in our everyday lives. We need to be consistent and laborious if we are to amount to anything. We do not want to do this because there is a tendency for more quick fixes.
  • When blogging on a certain subject, you need to know more about that subject. Alternatively, you need to know the wealth of experience and personal thoughts.
  • Before you start a blog and inconsistent branding don’t think twice about investing. When you are starting, branding will increase your reliability.

4.Content Marketing Without Budget

If you want to get your content on a really good blog then you need to create good content by yourself and you have to build pathways for your blog and business.

For doing that you have to read a lot, talk about things, follow various news sources, follow other’s blog and you need to do your part of the job.

Content marketing have some outreach to success. Blog post as a guest posting increases your authority and reliability and distinguished professional who is acknowledged by other experts in the field.

5.Shoot Videos for Marketing in Social Media

Shooting is the visual way that can be a way to promote your brand and you will get to show some of your personality in there. Videos aren’t Google docs that you can change instantly online.You should look for a concept on, How will your setting look like? What will reflect your branding from your marketing video? Here are some short tips,
  • Make a map of the same categories of competitors like you.
  • You can channel your Google search skills, YouTube skills, forum-searching skills
5.Shoot Videos for Marketing in Social Media​

Try what your competitor is not doing and see if that is helpful for your marketing. In every business or freelancing in a competitive environment, they need a differentiation factor.

Shooting marketing videos that involves both planning and production matters.

Matter of planning :

  • Make a decision about the frequency of new video releases.
  • Map the content that you will cover in the first 10 weeks.
  • You’ll need to keep a certain distance so that you can do some of the work in order to update it.

Matter of production:

  • You’ll need the best camera for making videos. Since you have zero budget so you can borrow a camera from your friends.
  • You’ll need the help of a friend for filming videos.
  • If your camera does not have a microphone jack, you will need a separate device for voice recording.
But I think if you are a beginner of shooting videos, first you can try free video trial software and this can save your money and time.

6.Use Quora for Guide Your Marketing

Quora is a familiar social media for bloggers. Quora is a site where visitors or users can post questions and they can get answers about any topic.

After you sign up, you get to select a number of topics that you are interested in, like Pinterest.

Your news feeds take place with a long list that are the most up-voted answers to the questions.

6.Use Quora for Guide Your Marketing​

The main question is, How Quora is going to help you achieve your marketing goals with zero marketing budget?

You can start adding comments to twist on relevant topics in your field of knowledge that raise awareness about what you do or what you specialize in. The community of Quora does not stand for self-promotion. In that case, you represent a company or brand that can be your own brand, suggesting that your answer might be a biased one and you can add a disclaimer about who you are and what you do.

7.Building a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media presence is easy, free for establishing a consistent, it helps to manage online presence and your business community.

Every business should have a social media presence like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin to promote their brands. By posting regularly relevant content that may helps you become an opinion leader on that subject. Having a social media presence you can also understand customer’s needs because of their positive or negative comments.

If you cannot afford to create content for each social network, at least select the social media that you want to play by the rule of that media.

8.Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most popular marketing strategies in the modern world because people buy most of the things where they know and they can trust.

If you want to impress your influencer you have to focus on quality over the quantity. High quality is better than the low quantity. But make sure your specific influencer to your business. After this, you can offer them many free services or free products and the advantages of exchange products.

9.Build Links Through Content Marketing

Don’t go linking to any article when looking for a reference, but you can pick one that appears on your blog post. If you are looking to grow organically then the content of your blog should be the heart of your business.

If you have no relevant content that is about what you want to write more briefly and update a previous blog post, you can add the link to the new blog post.

Try to link to your previous blog post through an anchor that is more identical to the focus keyword for that your article and this anchor has a great impact on SEO ranking.

10.Get More Traffic from Guest Post

For the improvement of a business you have to make some good friend and the Linkedin connection will help you to go in that direction.

You can tell your friend to host one of your articles on their post and they can earn backlink and also write a guest post.

Besides being good at networking, you must be good at content creation. You can scale up this through software programs. This type of program helps you to link building and influencer outreach.

Get More Traffic from Guest Post​
You can get higher goals if you start a guest posting today. Must try to find people who will backlink to your blog.

11.Get Started With Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the highest performing, high converting, highly targeted means of addressing your followers and you can grow your brand through Email marketing.

The social media page is a list of people following and reacting to your content. The accuracy of marketing campaigns depends on the current Facebook advertising guidelines.

Do you want to know more about Facebook Ad? visit here

Email Marketing is a different place for marketers. The people who are listed in your mail are intentionally, consciously, knowingly shared them with you and also has entered their contact details.

Get Started With Your Email Marketing

Basically, your mailing list is a list of people who are choosing to share their data with you to receive your content, special offers, and so on. As long as your subscribers decide to store, monitor, manage, handle it they can take advantage of this.

But the good news is email marketing does not change through an algorithm. If the company changes any rule, then there will be an email marketing alternatives way in the market.

Use your mailing list in two way-

  • To send newsletters: Newsletters are newspapers where you can communicate through your new product launches, give away gifts, send out teasers, latest releases, run contests, and so on.
  • Set up drip campaigns: You can increase your open rates, click-through rates, conversions and brand loyalty by drip campaigns. You will no longer need proof when you get the idea of what analytics and website tracking can do for your business.

12.Advantage of Run Viral page Marketing

Think of something that never done before which can be viral. They start hitting every journalist up by starting to engage with the viral concept. Start advertising with the ones you have advertised within the past, or those expecting to book you for ad placement and this is great if you closing a deal with a newspaper.

You will need to set strong foundations among your existing community so that you can create a strong community. Random video can’t help you to go viral, you need to have patience, creativity, luck, confidence.

13.Giving Away a Free Membership Reaps Big Rewards

If you think that you are starting a service then you can be shared online and claimed instantly.

Giving away one free membership is great so that you can add more free members to your site and they will also encourage other people to join your free membership contest.

If you think that your content is blowing up then you can add more free contest. Making a good impression so that by winner you can earn more positive reviews. A positive review can gather other people to visit your marketing site.

14. Manage your friends to talk about you on social media

Manage your friends who will stand up for you and what you do and who would always support you whatever you are doing.

If they are in the same industry as you then you will get more benefits. They will know your work, understand your problem, support you when you need most and they will tell people about your brand on social media.

Ask your friend what is their favorite social media network, instead of forcing them to spam you on social media and ask them to share content in an appropriate medium.

For example, if your friend shares your video or blog make sure you have your blog or website in place so that you can set up all with your popup by the URL you provided.

15.Comment below is Effective Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Commenting is a good way to keep your business top of mind but can’t say that it is scalable in your business.

Leave a comment that is relevant to blogs, bloggers and influencers. Remember two things when commenting on an article,

  • Go for an original piece of feedback.
  • Don’t write one-word comments.
Comment below is Effective Ways to Build Brand Awareness​
Your goal is to raise awareness about what you do, not to force them to follow you. Read a few articles properly or you can check ranks, leave some positive feedback or you can share some of your thoughts.


There are endless cheap marketing ideas that will take energy, time and creativity. Select your ideas from this article and do it for your new business.

Steal these easy tips to drive your business ahead.

You can share your thoughts by commenting below.

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