Biggest Mistakes Before Starting Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful technique to target social networks to increase traffics, engagements and awareness to promote brand and service. But social media marketing mistakes can bring negative impact. Social media marketing campaigns provide the value of your business offers if the tools aren’t using in the wrong way.

There are way more mistakes but here are some,

Not Develop Audience Focused Perspective Presentation

The social media platform is huge since it consists of a large number of the population sample. The users have infinite options and its impossible to target them all according to their location, gender, age group, interest, etc.

Try to make relevant content that connects your targeted audience and how it’s been effective for them. When it’s a two-way conversation people feel really engaged and social.

Ask the followings before starting the campaign:

No Commitment Effective on Social Media Management for Long Term

Once a business builds a Social media account, You should actively update posts about their brands, products or services. You have to work on social media on a daily basis as part of their business.

To build a strong social networking connection you have to maintain a steady stream of contact with the customer. Here are some tactics that lead to a continuation of the relationship with the customer and to a successful campaign.

Many marketers still believe that social media is like a one-time hook-up on Tinder- #SocialMedia #SMM

Respond on social media platforms: The volume of response you get throughout your campaign may define your success but it is not enough. You can not just sit back, you have leverage with the responses and get the best out of it.

For instance, when you post something on your Facebook page, you may get a surprisingly strong response from your audience. You should respond to the different types of reactions and find out a specific element from those responses and make a separate relevant content of your own.

Creating More Customer Value: Some specific promotional posts on social media may able to draw an immense response from your customer which caused them to act. You should build on these posts and in the future bring the same types of the post with more exciting promotional offers for that targeted customer.

A tip to remember that use social media to build a strong relationship with customers not just like a means of promotion.

Stop Blanket Posting Across Social Platforms

Not all social media platform has the same type of audiences. Each social media has its own pattern, language, custom, audience and also the way of communicating with the audience vary through social networks. This is not effective to post the same post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. which may result in fake, spam-like, impersonal.

If customers used to talk about the products and brands they liked face to face, they’re as likely now to be doing so via social media.

Facebook Image Dimensions: Facebook is the major social media platform since it has monthly 2 billion active users. Facebook can make you reach the right audience at the right time. It is beneficial for eCommerce integration and makes the best purchase through your customers. Facebook provides information content trending with news and article as well as friends and family.

News update of experience on Twitter: Twitter is the ideal social platform for marketers. It helps you directly to increase engagements, drive traffics and expand your reach. Twitter helps in trending goes viral and An active Twitter presence will give you opportunities to interact with people you would never have a chance to talk to otherwise. Some of those people might become business contacts, potential partners, someone to source products from, or even employees

Instagram Insights to Accelerate Your Growth: For better content display Instagram platform is far more effective than any other social media website. Instagram is special for its UI since despite having a website, over 700 million people access through its only mobile app. It’s a better place to post a high-resolution picture and short video and grab the 70% of the female user’s attention to your website and make them shop

Industry focus on Linkedin: To establish your business global image as a reputable and reliable company and to lead a quality sale Linkedin is a great social networking platform. Linkedin always keeps you close a step ahead to your competitors. LinkedIn is designed to give business people a forum for connecting with other business people

Avoid Over-Posting or Posting Inappropriate Content

“The more you post the more people will see you “– is the most important misconception about social media marketing. The standard followers annoyed with your constants postings. In most of the platforms, people want to consume information faster. So it’s better to know first what actually drags the attraction of targeted audience interests and what is beneficial for them then post it. The relevant posts can lead to meaningful interactions. This could give your customers some misconceptions about the profiles that overshare on social media.

Some of them are:

  1. Anonymity – Not using real names and hiding behind some fake profiles.
  2. Invisibility – It can be easier to say things from behind a keyboard when the other person (or people) aren’t looking at the poster.”
  3. Delayed Communication – You don’t have to deal with comments and messages immediately.
  4. Filling in the other person – There’s no body language to read.
  5. It’s not real – Much like the first two, people drop their inhibitions and become someone else.
  6. Lack of authority – People may disassociate someone’s offline identity with their online identity, causing them to blurt out something they would never would in real life, say, in front of an authority figure.

Not Including a Measurable CTA in Social Media Posts

To drive more traffics to your webpage, blogs or resources you need to link them to your social media posts. And to increase engagements your need to mention or tag relevant social media user. And to make your posts most searchable and accessible you need to use appropriate hashtags or keywords.

Digitally speaking, more business means more clicks, more buys, more engagement.

This social media marketing mistakes can be solved if you focus on the following things while posting:
  • Ask your audience to share your offer posts form their own profile by using the social sharing button.
  • Make your call to action visible in such a way that makes your audience give a think before they scroll down.
  • Don’t let your audience think your offer is easy to avail and make them feel that chances are limited and time-sensitive. For example: “First 10 comments will get priority”

Automation Can Killing Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

“A personal touch makes a significant impact”. To avoid these social media marketing mistakes you need to create most of the organic interactions with your audiences to increase traffic. Otherwise, people will unfollow you if they often find the robotic, impersonalized responses from you. So it is very important to moderate your social media presence in an organic way o make you reliable to your audiences.

marketing automation mistakes

This can lead This can lead mistakes on social media marketing:

  • Zero Engagement: Social automation isn’t a “set it and forget it” approach. If you let automation run your social accounts, then you’ll miss out on opportunities to join conversations around your content. And if you don’t respond to those who try to engage you, they’ll eventually notice.
  • Eliminating Personality: Using a moderate level of automation is fine, but try to avoid making your posts sound robotic. When marketers create autoresponders that sound incredibly generic like they’re talking to no one in particular, and it’s easy to make the same mistakes when you’re crafting your social updates
  • Posting at the Wrong Time: If your followers are most likely to engage you from 7 pm to 11 pm, for example, it would be pointless to push out automated content at 9 am every day.
  • Neglecting the Uniqueness of Social Channels: It’s not a smart strategy to automate social to the point where the same content or update is being promoted on every single channel at the same time. Your message, tone, length, and structure should be customized for each platform to maximize the potential for engagement
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