Social Media Marketing: Things you should do before starting the campaign

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Social media marketing is a powerful technique to target social networks to increase traffics, engagements and awareness to promote brand and service. But social media marketing can have a negative impact if the tools are using in the wrong way.

The main purpose of social media presence is defined by a strategy that sets parameters to understand what will they deliver and how. A lot of people post on social media just because they have to be on social media, and there is no goal, no content strategy, no calendar or promotional strategy. And eventually, it doesn’t come out as good.

First, you need to find out the reason for what you want to be on social media like::

  •  Am I building an audience??
  •  Ain’t trying to get more traffic to my website??
  •  Am I trying to get more sales in my business right??

So if you don’t have this core you are not yet set to start social media marketing.

Mistakes that ruin Social Media Marketing

There are some mistakes people do before Social media marketing:

  • Having No strategy before Starting Social media marketing
  • The first-ever mistake is not setting any intention before posting.

Not thinking about from audience perspective

The social media platform is huge since it consists of a large number of the population sample. The users have infinite options and its impossible to target them all according to their location, gender, age group, interest, etc.

Try to make relevant content that connects your targeted audience and how it’s been effective for them. When it’s a two-way conversation people feel really engaged and social.

Ask the followings before starting the campaign:

What does my audience want to hear?

Have I asked my audience?

What stories work best?

Do my products relevent to their interest?

Am I overwhelming my audience?

Not Building an organic connection with the audience

“A personal touch makes a significant impact”. You need to create most of the organic interactions with your audiences to increase traffic. Otherwise, people will unfollow you if they often find a robotic, impersonalized response from you. So it’s very important to moderate your social media presence in an organic way to make you reliable to your audiences.

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Behind the scene of Social Media Marketing

And now that we are aware of the mistakes, it’s time to set objectives for your social media marketing.

It’s important to align business goals with social media.

Goals can vary from business to business. For example>>

  • To increase brand awareness the goal might be to get more impressions/views/followers.
  • To drive sales for your business the goal might target at total revenue or return on ads spend.

One thing to remember if you are using social media to get likes, followers that are not gonna help you to grow business.

Product Selection for Social Media Marketing

To start a social media campaign, you need to set what product/service you want to offer to your audience. And the goal is not only about selling the product, but it’s also about increasing brand awareness, building engagement.

Search the latest posts, popular terms, and the customer’s interests in real-time. Conduct surveys and research on recent trends to find the product that would prove as a milestone for your business.

The target audience for Social Media Marketing

Before you start your social media campaign, choose the audience wisely. You need to find out

  • Who your target markets are??
  • Whom are you speaking with your brand?
  • Who purchases a product or use a service?

This audience should build based on their gender, age, ethnicity, and location.

You also need to find out:

  • What are their goals or values or challenges or pain points?
  • Based on this you will find your audience interest and target them
  • How does this relate to your product to solve those problems?
  • according to which you design your product or service
  • Where do they gather their information?
  •  which social platforms you should put your focus on
  • What will their objection and purchase process be?
  • based on this you could make improvisation to your products.
  • Would your purchase point be too high for the target market that you are trying to reach?
  • helps to make your product cost-effective and most “sale” product

Once you find out all of these answers, you will find out your targeted audiences.

Goals and Objectives

Now that you have found your targeted product and audience, you can start your social media marketing planning:

Using S.M.A.R.T. Criteria, you can define the purpose of your aim and objectives and can measure your progress evaluation of each goal.

S.M.A.R.T. criteria encourage to highlight the practical purpose of each goal rather than focusing on the thing that is not feasible in practice.

S = Specific in terms of what needs to be achieved.
M = Measurable so that progress can be tracked and evaluated.
A = Achievable so that your team has a realistic chance of success.
R = Relevant to your business so it’s aligned with overall business goals.
T = Time frame within which the objective must be satisfied.

Goals for Social Media Plan

  1. Implement the actions resulted from the audit of social media.
  2. Social media content scheduler creation and maintenance.
  3. Conduct social media activity with strategy and schedule on a regular basis.
  4. To build wider business demonstrate the impact and ROI of social media.

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